About Barossa Mustang Tours

mustang-photo3bDo what you love and love what you do.

This has been my motto since 2014 after having experienced several life changing events I took stock and re-evaluated life’s journey.

I started my career in television in a variety of roles all of which I recall with fond memories. But in 2002 it was time to move on, where I discovered the love and enjoyment of Barossa wines.

I undertook a 12 week course in wine evaluation which led me to further studies gaining a Diploma in Food and Wine. 18 months of full time study later, that was not a chore but highly enjoyable. Discovering and learning about Barossa Wine and food…how could you not love it!

This gave me the opportunity to enjoy over 10 years of Barossa wine and food knowledge and being a follower of the best, I am privy to the finest cellar doors and restaurants the Barossa Valley has to offer.

I have never ventured too far from the Barossa. My ancestors arrived here in 1847 from Prussia on a ship called the Helouise to escape religious persecution in the then Prussia, now Poland and fell in love with the Valley. The majority of my family still reside in this great region.

The awesome wines, food, scenery and people are what is the Barossa and is something that has to be shared (even some secret spots that only the locals know about).

Why the Mustang?

One day I said to myself ” Follow your dreams, use your knowledge and experience and do what you love and love what you do, life is too short for regrets”. So the next week I pre-ordered a brand new Mustang, which has always been by dream car to own. As a result, my “work” now allows me to enjoy a combination of my love of the Barossa and an aspiration car.

I look forward to sharing with you the best of my wine and food knowledge and along the way you will be treated to the best hand-picked cellar doors, best restaurants, places that are off the map and learn about the history, culture and the overall beauty of the Barossa Valley in an intimate environment, that only local experience can provide.

Although be prepared for second looks from by standers, they will be jealous of your ride!